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To mark Laplink Software’s 25th anniversary, the official Laplink website was refreshed with content and graphics that reflect Laplink’s legacy and philosophy. To handle the potentially overwhelming traffic, a separate microsite was created to house all the download links. Deliverables include all website structure mockups and graphics.




Laplink’s first product offering was the Laplink cable, which allowed users to transfer massive amounts of data between computers. In reference to this piece of Laplink history, the 25th anniversary logo featured the idea of data transfer, in the form of tiny squares being assembled to form ‘25’. This imagery, along with its numerous variants, was used extensively in all related marketing materials.



As an extension to the main Laplink website, the art direction for the microsite was heavily influenced by the themes presented in the main Laplink website. The microsite, housing the large quantity of content regarding the landmark event, needed a simple design but with all information easily accessible. To ahieve this, the content was separated into 5 categories, each represented by a navigational tab at the top part of the content area.



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